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Feature: Ingredients For A Game of Thrones Game (That Doesnt Suck)

Family Guy. South Park. The Simpsons. All hit TV shows that have had dreadful dreadful games based on them, save Hit and Run and Road Rage for the Simpsons which were simply amazing. TV seems to have the same trouble films have when making films of games: amazing source material that is translated very poorly.The Game of Thrones series has taken off since Sean Bean and the crew hit the screens thanks to HBO. The books and the series have skyrocketed and it seems that the gaming community has taken notice with a RTS already made, though to lukewarm reviews, another in the works and a browser MMORPG in the works. To make a game great, elements of both the books and the series would need to be used; please don’t ruin this for us- im looking at you EA...

1)    If I Don’t Interact With The Main Characters I Don’t Care…

Tyrion Lannister. Jon Snow. Eddard Stark. These characters make the first season of the TV show and the books and their influence is felt throughout. If the game comes in an RTS form than let them be commanders or heroes, if an MMORPG let me meet them or join their causes in protecting their individual houses. A hero in the mould that I can tinker with is fine but please don’t place me in a generic location with no connection to the books or after the events of it all; I want to ride into battle with the Imp next to me, not some loosely related character called Jeff whom is the cousin’ brother’s step aunts of Hodor.

2)    Follow the Story Not the Genre

Winter Is Coming- Take That Global Warming!

Total War and World of Warcraft are at the top of their genres as RTS and MMORPG’s and the game mechanics of both would be somewhat useful to the world of Westeros. Yet no fan would actively wish for fetch quests and the slightly shonky AI used when attacking fortresses from the Total War series. People interested in a Game of Thrones game want a Game of Thrones game not a reskin of the two I have just listed. Follow the strength of the Starks in the North, the Baretheons or the Lannisters, the Dornish and the Dothraki and usetheir strengths and cultures accordingly.

3) Its About the Intrigue

The interwoven tale of the people and houses of Westeros are defined by honor disguised in a healthy layer of deceit, lies and backstabbing. Confrontations with your enemies should not be based on simply face to face dealings as this misses the point of George R Martins characters and story. Atlus’ game tried this in Game of Thrones:Genesis but almost any and all issues turned into full frontal confrontation; uncharacteristic of Tyrion and even Jamie Lannister.

4)Generic Hero A Rather Than Non Character B

Interaction and insertion are two very different concepts. Interaction with the main characters of the series, as already suggested is key to the success of the story and a game as a whole. Insertion ruins the story; placing some brother of the Stark children that has not been referenced will ruin story, continuity and the experience as a whole. There are more than enough characters within the novels to play around with or use and, if this fails, a generic soldier rising within the world would at least be plausible if not clunky.

5) We Don’t Need Another Skyrim

The setting, fear of dragons and the north/south divide are shared by both the newest Elder Scrolls game and the Game of Thrones series. Using the same type of game or engine , is a bad idea, especially if you’re a PS3 owner, unoriginal and would be a blatant cash in. The Witcher series has succeeded in doing an RPG type game whilst breaking new ground without having had huge comparisons between other games in the same genre.

And 6)

More Tyrion please. Doesn’t matter how or where , just more!


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