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Feature: Skyrim, A Few Months On (X360/PS3/PC)

Skyrim is perhaps one of the biggest games to hit this generation of consoles. Dragons. Swords. Blood. Scantily Clad Women. Scantily Clad Men. Scantily Clad… you get the idea. I have poured hours into the game and still have barely touched the main quest. I’m at 100 smithing and have created dragon armour, been a bit of a douche and murdered random NPCs as a Dark Brotherhood member, and turned into a werewolf and scared the living daylights of the residents of Skyrim. After hours in the game however and the fact that it came out with a very chequered release, the quirks of the engine begin to drag after a while and the experience is less than enjoyable. This article will ignore the whole frame rate dropping issue; it’s a failure that still hasn’t been sorted and has been covered to the ends of the earth. Here is a few thoughts on failures in the game, from gamebreaking to just plain irritating.

1)Combat Feels As Satisfying As Using a Brush to Chop off Ned Starks Head.

Combat is painful and not for the many enemies you meet along the way. Shields are effectively useless and the blocking system has barely any benefits. The critical kills look intensely cool when the rest of the scenery isn’t involved and the sword looks like it goes through an enemy’s chest rather than his elbow. Magic, after being stupidly powerful in Oblivion has been nerfed and is mildly useful and nowhere near as enjoyable. The shouts are definitely a good addition to the game as a whole but, considering you are speaking a long dead language, where the  monks who learn it have to live in the tallest mountain in the whole damn region to they don’t damage anything, does rather a shoddy amount of damage.

2)I’m The King of the Castle.. But You Still Want Me to Fetch you something?!

Im head of the mighty Thieves Guild, the new Speaker for the Dark Brotherhood and a Companion/part time werewolf. Hell I can speak to dragons. So why oh why does this place no bearing on my travels throughout Skyrim? The Head of the Mages Guild would surely have some kind of knowledge of my quests and ventures yet Im sent to a cave as a student and treated like an invalid without any type of respect.

3)Badass without the Badassery (this may be a made up word)

The huge amount of weaponry that can be found and made in the game is immediately impressive and can give any blade aficionado a slight hard on. But there really isn’t the be all and end all of a weapon in the entire game. The ‘legendary’ weapons that are found are simply the same weapon you have picked up before with the same skin and some wacky power. Give me a sword so amazing that I can cut a dragons head off in one hit, take it home, clean it, name it Paul and take it as my lover.

4) I Miss Cyrodil Horses

The horses in Oblivion were fast, reliable and felt like you were a  Rider from Rohan. It was if you were riding through Cyrodil, ploughing through the scenery to your next quest. It appears that Skyrim’s horses are an estranged cousin of this breed or the result of rather too much brother/sister/horse breeding. The game itself lists the Skyrim horses as ‘sturdy and resilient’; when I can jog faster than a horse and get from A to B quicker ‘sturdy and resilient’ turns into ‘bloody pointless’.

5)NPCs= Crazy

The lack of any real NPC logic tends to destroy a large amount of the ambience. When a dragon is attacking a small village, a almighty beast that people have not seen for ages, you quickly take your sword out and be prepared to fight for their lives. Until one of them runs towards a dragon, straight in front of your blade whilst your swinging. Suddenly the whole village, including the guards turns on you, ignores the dargon and you all die. Logic 0 AI 1.

Yes This Would Be Cooler ..

6) More use of the Wabbajack

There simply isn’t enough use of the Wabbajack. For the next game there needs to be a special part of the game just for this weapon. Perhaps DLC. Seriously. Considering one of the effects is ‘make NPC explode’. Surely I don’t need to sell it anymore do i?


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